Kadambari Devarajan

Ph.D Student

Research: I am interested in how species are distributed in space and time, and how their interactions influence them at different levels - individual, population, community, ecosystem. I am working understanding how to design multi-species monitoring studies for making robust inferences on 'by-catch' species using camera traps.


email: kdevarajan

twitter: @kadambarid

website: kadambarid.in

git: kadambarid


Joe Drake

Ph.D Student

Research: I try to understand the spatio-temporal context for species ability to occupy, and ultimately persist, in the landscape. I am deeply interested in the intersection of landscape and metapopulation ecology, applying novel applications of traditional methods to better understand structural, functional, and temporally dynamic connectivity for the protected water vole in Northwest Scotland.

email: jdrake

twitter: @fieldbiojoe / instagram: @fieldbiojoe

website: secretlifeofafieldbiologist

pubs: scholar


Donovan Drummey

MSc Student





email: ddrummey


Sarah Emel

Darwin Postdoctoral Fellow

Research: I am interested in the ecological and evolutionary dynamics of species’ responses to current and changing landscapes. I apply genomic tools to characterize neutral and adaptive genetic variation in relation to the environment. I am using genomic data to analyze spatiotemporal genetic structure and dispersal in a water vole (Arvicola amphibius) metapopulation in northwestern Scotland.


email: semel

twitter: @Sarah_Emel

website: sarahemel

pubs: scholar


Patricia Levasseaur

MSc Student

Research: My interest is in rare species population ecology, in particular, how to effectively track population trends over time and investigate environmental drivers affecting those trends to inform conservation practices. My research focuses on using spatial capture-recapture and visual head count techniques to estimate the population size of northern diamondback terrapin in Wellfleet Bay, Massachusetts.


email: plevasseur


Ben Padilla

Ph.D Student


email: pjpadilla

twitter: @Bpdilla

website: bpadillaecology

pubs: scholar