Chris Sutherland

Assistant Professor - Quantitative Population Ecology

Research: My primary research interest is spatial population ecology, with a specific focus on characterizing how space use, dispersal, and demography vary in response to changes in density, the environment, and landscape structure. The overarching theme of my research, and the research of those in our group, is an emphasis on increasing the biological realism of modern eco-statistical models so we can best test spatial ecological theory.


Teaching: My teaching responsibilities are directed at increasing the quantitative skills of undergraduate and graduate students studying in the fields of biological sciences, specifically ecology natural resources conservation.  I teach the following classes at UMass Amherst:


  • Introduction to Quantitative Ecology (NRC 290b, undergraduate level)

  • Applied Ecological Statistics (ECO 636, graduate level)

  • Programming in R (Honors college seminar class)

  • Tools for Science Communication (ECO 691, graduate level seminar series)